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E.T. - Extraterrestrial Intelligence



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Is there intelligent life out there?

You can make educated guesses, but you can also contribute to find out!

SETI, or the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, is a scientific effort aiming to determine if there is intelligent life out in the universe. There are many methods that SETI scientific teams use to search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Many of these search billions of radio frequencies that flood the universe, looking for another civilization that might be transmitting a radio signal. Other SETI teams search by looking for signals in pulses of light emanating from the stars.



How does it work?

You just download the Seti@HomeClient, it will connect to the SETI database and download a chunk of data to being processed.
The Seti@HomeClient is a screensaver - it will process data while your computer is on, but you are not using it (so it will not use computer capacity while you are working on your computer) , and it will send the processed data back to the database when you are online.




Download SETI@Home

The SETI Homepage

SETI Statistics


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